Our Services

Process Serving:

One thing that set PST apart from other companies is that we include GPS tracking of all attempts made by our servers.  PST has been a leader in moving the industry into a more transparent way of business that keeps our clients more informed and involved.

We send all jobs out for service within 24 hours of receipt for no additional charge. We have same day and expedited services available for those cases with special needs for an extra fee as well.

We serve process in all 50 states. There are many different types of process service including:

Federal, State and local:

  • General Civil Litigation
  • Summons and Complaints

Family Law:

  • Divorce papers
  • Paternity determination
  • Child support
  • Custody
  • Visitation papers
  • Government
  • Local and Federal government offices

Real Estate:

  • Foreclosure documents,
  • Eviction Notices / 30 Day Notice (s) to Correct or Vacate

Pro Se:

  • (For individuals representing themselves in a variety of cases)
  • Landlord & Tenant
  • Small Claims & Various Federal Lawsuits

Skip Tracing:

PROCESS SERVING TEXAS provides skip tracing services all over the Country to its clients.

This service is a complex form of locating a person who cannot be found or located. We are talented professionals providing recovery on every missing person you are looking for. We focus on leveraging, analyzing and correlating all available data to quickly find debtors, clients, customers and collateral.

PST utilizes many different databases to carryout real time searches, including the Department of Public Safety, TLO, Delvepoint and so on. We also utilize different procedures including public records, online research, surveillance and other method to track down wanted individuals as fast as possible.

Questions about Skip tracing and PI work call

Skip-Tracing Fees 

Fees Details
$75 Per basic report including full SSN, phone number, birth date, address history, likely known family or relatives, and email addresses
$125 Per comprehensive report including all information from the basic report plus, criminal history, assets (including cars, boats, and real estate), voter registration, utilities, drivers license info, marriage licenses, affiliations with corporate entities
$125 Per vehicle sightings report
$250 Per active bank account search.


We provide a Public Notary when you need one. We will come to your location when you need us to assure your documents will be notarized, and, if necessary, authenticated properly.

Document Retrieval:

Eliminate the burden of record retrieval and reduce your costs by using our document retrieval services. PST will search and obtain your documents in public files in state, federal and local courts or agencies anywhere in the United States. Once obtained, your copies will be sent to you by mail, fax or overnight express.

Serving all of Texas

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  • Insured